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And again we have fantastic health news:

Youth Champion VDH&DCBT, Bundes Youth Winner 2011 and Club Youth Winner 2011 

Hellboy from Pandora’s Box got hips both sides A, ED left free, right side borderline, OCD both sides free. And he did a mental test with the result excellent. Hellboy is now available to stud approved females. He is a son out of our female Ch. Courtney Love from Pandora’s Box ( HD A, ED 0 and OCD 0) and Ch. Builder’s Best Heavenly Rider Long Step (HD A, ED 0). Thanks again to Igor Mrkobrat and Walter Prader who make this breeding possible. We are very proud of this offspring!!!

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We are very happy about the new Championtitles:

Hellboy from Pandora’s Box Bundes Youth Winner, German Youth Champion VDH&DCBT

Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box Bundes Winner!!!

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We are very proud to announce following Champion Titles:

Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box is now Danish Champion, Swedish Champion and Czech Champion!!!!

And latest News Club Winner DCBT 2011!!!!

Henry Rollins from Pandora’s Box German Youth Champion VDH and German Youth Champion DCBT!!!!

Pic coming soon

Hellboy from Pandora’s Box is now German Youth Champion DCBT!!!!!!
And latest News Club Youth Winner DCBT 2011!!!!!



We are very proud of our Kennel offspring and big congrats to the owners!!! 






Freaky Friday from Pandora’s Box is now also X rayed :-)

Hips HD free A, Elbows ED free 0/0, Shoulder OCD free 0/0

We are very happy with this result. His mother Courtney Love from Pandora’s Box was also X rayed now on Elbows and Shoulder, done at the age of 4 years and 3 months, and she got

Elbows ED free 0/0, Shoulder OCD free 0/0

We are so happy!!!!!

And we rock the show ring :-)  From the last 11 shows in Germany Pandora’s Box dogs got 8 times BOB, not so bad……..

Hellboy from Pandora’s Box

Freaky Friday from Pandora’s Box

Faith No More from Pandora’s Box

Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box

And some dogs did the Mental Test:

Front Door to Heaven from Pandora’s Box passed the Mental Test with Excellent results

And also his half brother Henry Rollins from Pandora’s Box passed his first test, off corse he is too young for the final one.

Big congrats to the owners!!!!





New show results under shows!!!!!!

Don’t touch my toy, I’m a really dangerous Boston Terrier!!!!! 



Cuddling boy!!!!!!

I’m very proud of my Kennel Offspring when I look to the show results, the healthy and the mental of the dogs from my kennel. On the pictures you can see the visit from Hellboy with his owner Dominic and on the Eastern weekend First Aid stay some days with us, but sorry no pics. But I was very happy to see how carefully he plays with the Boston and the Kids were happy to cuddle him.





New results under Shows!

News from Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box, Bubbie´s headshot now available on stickers, Keychains, etc.. At a dog show in Leipzig where Bubbie won BOB, we were asked if they could use her as model for their Amstaff products. So they took photos and now we saw in Berlin that it is now for sale in his shop :O)
Here is the link to the shop: www.billyshop.eu


A spezial thank you for all people who coming to Berlin. We had a nice weather and take some good pics, that’s what an AmStaff should look like!!! Enjoy it.

Hellboy from Pandora’s Box only 6 months old, I’m sure that we hear a lot of him in the future!!!


Front Door To Heaven from Pandora’s Box, 19 months old, the Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer!!!!

First Aid from Pandora’s Box, 19 months old, another great male fromm y Kennel!!!

I want to say thank you to all friends, supporters and puppy buyers. All this things are not possible without you. Many hugs to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria and America!!!!





New results under Show:

We are very proud that our female Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box is on the Banner 

from the CZ AmStaff Club. 

But also as a normal family dog our dogs will do their very best J Hot As Hell from Pandora’s Box 

with her new friend.

And we proudly present our next hero, Front Door To Heaven from Pandora’s Box

I got this story via facebook at the 6th of March, sorry only google translation:

Hi Biggi, Today is once again something incomprehensible happened. I say yes, Frodo is a Stafford as it appears in the book. Michael was with him jogging in the woods. Frodo is always free and ran as 10 meters in front of him. Suddenly heard Michael as he came from behind the bushes a dog (he saw a Rottweiler dog on the shoot) and from behind he heard a man shout: Oh God, look out, he hates joggers! While Michael was for 1 second under a bit of a shock (that might happen very often) Frodo shot past him and positioned himself directly in front of Michael. He showed the Rottweiler so the teeth that this was actually available from a full gallop. Frodo's language was quite clearly a step further and I flat out do. Da was the Rottweiler, Frodo remained standing. Then there was the owner and took the Rotti to the collar. Frodo has again done nothing, no biting, nothing, he has warned the dog only, and Michael keeps it in front of a very unpleasant experience for sure. The other dog owner has apologized a hundred times and said to Michael, what have you for a great dog! Yes, we really have! Michael came home from emotion nor the tears as he told me this. His "life saver". Hammer, or? LG Inga