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Big Bubble’s Emily  

* 27.09.1997  + 21.12.2005

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Camelot's The Lone Ranger

Ch Camelot's Brindle Britches

Ch Camelot's Peter The Great

Ch Har-Klith MR BO OF Camelot
Camelot's Justice Revenge
Camelot's Zara Harmony's American Dream
Camelot's Just Fantaztic

Camelot's Just A Dreaming

Harmony's American Dream

Ch Rocket's Roaring Thunder
Esterella's Diamond On The Ruff CD
Camelot's Justice Revenge Kim Sur's Bocephus
Rogadame's Casey

Big Bubble's Blanca

Ch Tippitt's Yankee Sunny

Sindelar's Buster Benson Ch Sindelar's El Frado
Ch Bearfoots Sophies Choice
Barberycoast Kindred Spirit Ch Touch O' Class QED
Tugowar's Sandi

Ch Yankee Tipit Z Hanky

Ch Camelot's Gallant Buck Ch Gallant Johnny Reb
Camelot's Princess Jean
Ch Tipsy Ch Sindelar's Fred

Tippitt's Beau Jangle