Because of a Pyrometra and her age we have to cancel the breeding career of Courtney. She gave us so many beautiful and healthy puppies and we are very proud of her. 

She stay at our home for the rest of her (hopefully long) life.  



Dk. Champion, German Champion VDH&DCBT, German Youth Champion VDH&DCBT, European VDH Youth Winner 2008

  Courtney Love from Pandora’s Box  



HD-A free, ED-0 free, OCD-0 free

Ataxie clear




Courtney Love from Pandora’s Box is an important milestone for our kennel. With her father, the multi youth Champion CH Big Bubbles Hellfire, she gave us back a bloodline we thought to have lost. She is a almost perfect dog, with 17,5 inch good standard. She has got temper and is very good socialized. Her patience with kids is endless. When she works with our daughter Pandora at the dog training site, she learns very quickly and they use to have lots of fun together. We are very thankful to have got such a great dog, breed and owned by us. 









Because of the stupid laws in Denmark we are at the moment not allowed to breed with 

Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box.


International Champion, German Champion VDH, European Winner VDH 2012, Bundes Winner 2011,

CZ Champion, Dk. Champion, SE Champion, German Youth Champion VDH&DCBT&GBF, Bundes Youth Winner 2010, Vice European VDH Youth WinnerFaster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box

* 07.08.2009


HD-B1, ED-0 (free)

46 cm, 25 kg

Ataxie clear


Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box is the show star in our kennel. She is co owned with Michael Bergmann. Faster Pussycat from Pandora’s Box get all German Youth Titles in only 3 months with some BOB, BIS Youth dogs and BIS Bull races. And on the top a placement in FCI group 3. She got a lot of European Champion titles and now her carrer are nearly finished. Also her mentality is excellent, she also like other dogs and all people she met. For us she is the perfect AmStaff in brain and body.






Dt. Ch. VDH, Dt. Ch. DCBT

Miss Beasley  


* 13.11.2004

HD A  frei/free

Ataxie clear


Rathfelder’s Legend Girl


Beasleys Showcareer was very nice. She get some Exc.1, CAC and BOB.
She had finished her German Championtitels in 2007.

She’s very friendly to all people, especially kids, and all animals. She is realy a AmStaff