Ger. Youth Champion DCBT

Jingo De Lunch from Pandora's Box

* 20.01.2013
HD-B1, ED-0 frei, OCD-0 frei
Ataxie clear/gesund



Jingo De Lunch from Pandora's Box is my absolutly dream dog. A life without her is not possible for me. She is the perfect AmStaff and the love of my life. She is afraid of nothing, very friendly and had a lot of self-confidence. She shows a lot of power when she go jogging with me or run along the bicycle. And she is always happy. her body and size are nearly perfect with a hight of 47 cm and 24 kg. In the showring she collect in a short time all points for her german Champion, only the time is not over. Also at internatinal show in foreign countries she did very well, like her sister in exhibitor hands. Hopefully we wait for her first puppies now.